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Leadership & Math Updates

on March 26, 2013

Leadership: The students will be working on a number of projects over the coming weeks. One of the projects is the Convoy of Awesome which is a food and fundraising campaign for the Mustard Seed. As you may know, the Mustard Seed is undergoing a renovation and this project by HeroWork, is designed to re-fill the food in the Mustard Seed. Our school will be participating in this event ~ details to follow.

Another event we are going to participate in is the Bike to Work week. Staff will have a team, but leadership students will be challenging students to participate in this exciting and inspiring week of physical health and enviornmental benefit. Again, details to follow. Watch the weekly newsletter for updates.


The students in my math class are beginning a unit on division with the goal of moving towards fractions. Students have been using sorting blocks and the multiplication table to develop their understanding of the idea that division is the opposite of multiplication. From here we will move on to three digit by one digit division (e.g. 264 / 3 ). There are traditional methods for this and you may remember the repeated subtraction method from elementary school. We will be exploring this method, but also newer more intuitive methods to help all students understand the longer division.

One way you can help your child is to ask questions about sorting items. For example, if you have cookies in a bag and your child wants to eat two of them, ask your child how many days it would take to eat the bag of cookies at two cookies per time? (30 cookies in the bag, two cookies each time 30 / 2 = 15 days. Using these real life examples helps your child understand that division is a useful tool and that we use it in everyday life.

From there we will move to understanding and working with fractions. I will update about fractions when we get there!

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or at the school anytime.

Thanks 🙂


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