Learning Support & Inclusive Education

Leadership and Rock Block

on November 7, 2012

This week the Leadership students are working on coming up with a proposal to present to the rest of the student body. The theme of this proposal is “Giving back to our community” and students have been asked to come up with something that we can do as a school to help those in Victoria who are less fortunate.  Some of the ideas that they are working on are: socks for the homeless, coats for kids, sponsoring a family for Christmas etc. It’s great to see our students wanting to make a change in our local community.

Rock Block is well underway and students are participating in a variety of activities from Learning Italian to Building a Business Plan. We have two more weeks of Rock Block (always on Wednesday afternoon) for this session. Students will have the opportunity to make another Rock Block Selection in February and then again in the Spring.

This Friday we will be having our annual Remembrance Day Service at 10:45. We are encouraging students in Cadets to wear their uniforms to this event.

In my math group we have been working on building some mental math strategies. Having strong mental math abilities supports students in real world applications. If you can add and subtract (and multiply and divide) in your head you can complete tasks much more quickly. Some of the strategies that we have been building so far are:

Doubles: 5+5, 12+12 etc

Double plus 1: 5+6= 5+5+1 (so if you know 5+5 you can easily know 5+6)

Doubles plus 2: 5+7= 5+5 +2 (so, if you know 5+5 you can easily know 5+7)

Tens partners: 1+9, 2+8, 3+7, 4+6, 5+5 etc   These can also be used in double digit addition, for example: 24+16 (we know 20+10 is 30 and if we know our tens partners, we know 4+6 is 10 so 30+10 = 40!

We will be working on more mental math strategies including subtraction, multiplication and division each week on our shorter Wednesday math block.

In our longer Monday and Friday blocks we are beginning a unit on solving problems involving larger numbers using technology.Fun times!


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